Saturday, February 23, 2008

Step 1- Focus Point

I'm an avid reader; I'm not very good at writing. I can't tell you how to write your book or comment on how well it's written- that's an editor's job. As a Publishing Consultant, I'm here to help authors identify and ensure all bases are covered when they begin the publishing journey. I want to use this post to help ensure you have check-listed all items before packing your bags for this roller-coaster journey. Many authors dedicate 6 months to 5 years (or more) completing their manuscript and are very attached to it once it's complete. Your book may sell once it's published, but you MUST market it as it won't market itself.

A lot of authors want to know where to start once the manuscript is complete. I say to start doing your homework. Many authors seek a traditional publisher for bringing their masterpiece to fruition. I say to start with self-publishing as you stay in control of the process without giving up your rights and losing your voice through the publishing journey.

To prepare for this journey, I'd like for you to do your homework: research the different avenues to publish, what are average time lines, what are your rights, what are average royalties, collect feedback from unbiased, objective reviewers, etc. And begin to detach yourself from your manuscript. Bringing your book to life will require an investment of your time and money. Self-publishing is analogous to starting your own business and you're the CEO, CFO, COO; I'm here to act as your assistant and drive you down the right path to success.

First Assignment: Compare Traditional Publishing to Self-Publishing